Cant hear playback

After reading the manual 20 + times, I still cant hear the playback to the head phone. I am not even sure I have recorded using the Mic1 input.

Any advise would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you,

Would help if you provided a bit of info about your system!

Cubase version
Audio interface
and the like.

Problem message at startup
ASIO Driver Omega ASIO could not be started

Well I found the fix for this. the drivers need to be updated.
Here is the info

If you are not getting any audio input from the interface into Cubase you may need to reset the driver.

To do this in Cubase LE4 go to Devices > Device Setup > VST Audio System; ensure you have your interface’s ASIO driver selected in the ASIO driver dropdown menu (i.e. Omega ASIO, Lambda ASIO, or Alpha ASIO) then click on the reset button.

You will likely have to click this reset every time you open a project until you download the 4.1.2 update from Steinberg.
The update is available here: Cubase LE 4 | Steinberg