Can't hear Sonic - Newbie help needed

I expect the mistake is boneheaded and the answer is obvious but I haven’t figured it out. I’m a new Cubase user and just learning to use the software.

The problem is that I can’t hear Halion Sonic through Cubase 6. Every other plug-in I’ve tried works fine. It looks to me like the settings are the same for Sonic and the other plug-ins but I get sound from the others and not from Sonic. The Sonic interface registers MIDI entered through a midi-keyboard. The Cubase track and mixer register incoming MIDI data but I can’t hear it. I’ve tried loading Sonic as VST instrument track and through the VST instrument panel with the same results. When loaded through the VST instrument panel, MIDI output is routed to Sonic and channel 1 and the instrument patch is loaded on channel 1. Enabling the “solo” button has no effect. I’m stumped.

Here’s an image of the Cubase Inspector and track list if it will help in letting you see what I’m doing wrong.

And here’s an image of the Sonic panel for the same reason

Any help you can give will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

–Kevin aka Parametric Monkey

This seems to be an output routing problem. HALion Sonic can have up to 16 outputs routed to individual channels. It can also have all of the programs routed to the HSSE Main output. In HSSE, check where the output of the program bank is routed to (i.e. HSSE Main, HSSE 2, HSSE 3, etc.) and on the track/channel in Cubase check where the input is coming from. If this doesn’t sort it out, I am not sure what else to check

Jaslan, thanks for the suggestion but it didn’t solve the problem. HSSE was routing to Main and input was coming in to CUbase on channel 1. I tried alternate channel settings (channel 2 out in HSSE, and 2 in on Cubase for example) and still no sound. The input signal indicator on the Cubase track shows an incoming signal when I press a key on the MIDI keyboard but no sound is heard. And this only happens with HSSE - all other plugins I’ve tried produce sound so it isn’t a problem with Cubase output to the digital audio interface.

In the try-anything-and-see-if-it-works category I’ve tried closing and relaunching Cubase, rebooting the system, and opening up a new project with only HSSE loaded. Always the same result - indicators in CUbase and HSSE show signals being sent and received but no sound.

Anyone have any other ideas?

–Kevin - Parametric Monkey

Why do you have Solo activated everywhere?

I should have removed the solos before I Snagged the image. I had them on as a a result of trying every combo I could think of that would affect sound output. Solo all on or all off doesn’t affect the problem.

–Kevin - Parametric Monkey