Can't hear speakers with Direct Routing enabled

Hello all,
I’ve spent about a week researching all through these forums, online searching anything to do with Direct Monitoring using the MR816csx and Cubase Pro 8 with no luck. I even emailed Sternberg US with no response so i don’t know where else to ask but here.
I have Cubase Pro 8.5 on a MacPro El Capitan with (3) mr816csx and a (6) channel Art headphone amp. Everything with playback and my Cue Mixes and working great. I have (4) cues (VOX, GTR, KEYS, DRMS), they are routed in the Audio Hardware Setup to go out the 816csx headphone jacks. (Since Cubase doesn’t have 6 Cues, i am doubling a couple busses. csx1HP1-DRMS, csx1HP2-KEYS, csx2HP1-GTR, csx2HP2-GTR, csx3HP1-VOX, csx3HP2-VOX). Control Room goes out cx1 outs 3+4 to my NS10M speakers. All playback goes out to my speakers and to everyone’s headphones with no problem. However, i am using Direct Monitoring no latency mode to feed the Cues the onboard reverb and morphing, BUT i CANNOT hear anyone in my speakers in Direct Monitoring mode! They hear themselves fine…i cannot hear them unless Direct Monitoring mode is unchecked. But that defeats the whole purpose of having the no latency feature and on board DSP. How am I supposed to monitor them in the control when they are in their recording booths?? I have my auto-monitoring mode set to “Manual” instead of “While in Record Enable” or the other option. I’ve tried all with no result. I’ve gone through the manual MANY times and this one just stumps me…and i’m pretty good and finding an alternate solution to make something work. I WANT my no latency reverb and compression for all my inputs, hence i why i bought the mr816csxs.

Thanks in advance!!

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but direct monitoring doesn’t work with multiple MR816s. I’m surprised you can even select the direct monitor mode with multiples connected. Mine Grey’s out the box as soon as I turn the sequence one on. Stenberg screwed us all by failing to disclose this problem in their initial advertising. Take a look in the MR816 forum and search for direct monitoring. They kept saying a fix was coming, then after the statute of limitations for false advertising ran out, they announced it didn’t work and they couldn’t fix it.

Thanks for the reply. appreciate it! Yea, i have no problem with DM working, but like i said…it only outputs through the cue sends to the artists. But it does work, as long as i wear hps too. Oh well.