Can't hear Stereo Delay in stereo when recording vocals

So I’m using Cubase 11 (Elements). I’ve got my mic plugged into my Tascam USB audio interface, and I am trying to recording a vocal track. I selected Stereo Delay as an insert effect, however through my headphones I don’t hear it in stereo, only as mono. It’s supposed to bounce between the left and right sides to create a stereo delay effect, so I don’t know what’s going on.

  1. When I add a new audio track for my vocal track, I have selected the Configuration as Mono - is this correct for a vocal mic?

  2. Also when adding the audio track, I have selected the Audio Outputs as Stereo Out - is the right setting so I will hear the delay in stereo?

  3. I am thinking that the reason I don’t hear the Stereo Delay could be that it should be as a Send effect instead of an Insert, but I thought generally only reverb was used as a Send? I’m not sure about delay,


Either use send for the delay or record your vocal to stereo track. You can use mono input for stereo tracks. This way the recording will be mono - just placed on stereo track. Any stereo fx should work fine. I almost never use mono tracks for this reason.

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Hi, thanks for your reply. The problem with recording a vocal as a stereo track through the mono input is that I can only hear the sound coming through one side of my headphones. Is that normal? As soon as I switch the Configuration as Mono, I can hear sound through both sides of my headphones.

I tried using the Stereo Delay as in Insert instead (with a Mono vocal track), and it works fine now! Thanks.

Did you really select mono input?

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I think so, yes. Anyway I think I have the solution now, hopefully :slight_smile:

You must use a mono input bus, feed that to a stereo track. It sounds like you are using one side of a stereo input bus.

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Hi, so do you mean that the input (Configuration) should be set to mono, then the Audio Output to Stereo Out, then add the stereo delay as an Insert as the previous poster said? I think I have got it now but I’m still new to all these technical terms like ‘Bus’, ‘Routing’, etc.