Can't hear the playback in Dorico and the exported .mp3 also don't have sound in them! Please Help!

Dear Dorico/Steinberg-team,

Since today I can’t hear the Dorico playback and the exported .mp3 are silent.
In the past I sometimes had problems with the playback of Dorico but to restart the program often worked. But now it’s different.
I don’t know if this is related but today I had to reactivate Dorico. The reactivation worked and I can open, edit and save my files. But since than I couldn’t get the audio to work. I also tried the YouTube-video about audio-problems for Dorico. (“Troubleshooting Playback Issues in Dorico | Support”)

Can you please help!
Thank you very much!

Here is my Diagnostic ZIP:
Dorico (402.1 KB)

Everything looks OK at first glance in the logs you’ve attached, Marcel. Perhaps you should try choosing a different pair of outputs in the Edit > Device Setup dialog? Maybe Dorico is connected to the wrong pair of outputs on your computer’s soundcard.

Or check the routing of the Voicemeeter driver. I have not used Voicemeeter before, but it’s just a virtual driver, so the routing to the real hardware device behind it seems to be wrong.

Thank you for your answer!
I deinstalled VoiceMeeter so that this couldn’t be a problem anymore.
But it’s still not working.

Have you tried choosing a different set of outputs in Edit > Device Setup?