Can't hear vst in real time

I can’t hear vst in real time I can only hear it after I record the audio. the vst i’m using is vst amp rack. thanks

Are you monitoring “directly”?

This is a situation, as with most situations, where some system specs and more details would be greatly beneficial in order for others to help you.

my system specs: gtx 660, amd fx 6300, 8gb ram

Okay … how about your soundcard/audio interface? Does it support Direct Monitoring? Are you using it?

Do you have a knob for something like “Direct Input vs. DAW/Computer”? If so, you want it all the way towards DAW/Computer (or whatever it might be called on your mystery device). Then, enable your track’s monitor button during recording and you should be able to hear your insert effects in real time. Remember to disable the monitor button for playback …

Silly me, I just realized you are creating multiple topics on the same issue …

On top of that, not even in a relevant sub-forum. Stick to one topic and have a little patience.

i’m sorry about that :blush: my audio interface is m-audio m-track and i’m not sure if it has direct monitoring but it has a knob that says monitor mix

I figured it out :laughing: thank you for the help anyway :smiley:

Glad to hear you got it working!


I know this stuff can be somewhat mind boggling at first. Things should get a little easier as time goes on and you get a grip on the basics.

Good luck!