cant hear vsts while i play guitar

When i try to add inserts to a track i cant hear them when i play, i can only hear them once theyre already recorded.

You were probably not monitoring correctly within the track a couple of months ago.

Strong bump there. :wink:

I think you nailed it though, I bet he was monitoring such that the signal never went through the track. Although I have had some trial plugins tamper with and mute my track’s audio altogether after expiration.

cant hear vsts while i play guitar
Remember when your parent used to yell “Turn it Down!”?
Now you know why!
:wink: Couldna rezist :laughing:

Yep, we used to play as loud as we possibly could, and my friends dad said “you’re going to lose your hearing!” …

(reply) "What???

Anyway, many times with especially software amp sims, I wasn’t able to monotor the guitars signal with effect, or I would hear both effected & non effected…it was ALWAY’s my fault by not monitoring correctly.

Hint; MONITOR :wink:

Yes this seems to be a classic case of hardware versus software monitoring.