Can't hide empty divisi

Dorico wouldn’t allow me to hide empty divisi since I updated it to 2.1. Does anyone have the solution for this? :cry:


Do you mean hide the divisi command on the page or return to unison?

I have understood that it’s not possible to hide empty divisi staves. See Hide empty divisi staves? - Dorico - Steinberg Forums
I guess it’s a complicated thing, because it would solve a lot of difficulties. Also, divisi staves are always added below, which means that sometimes division nr 3 becomes division 1 and the like. The numbering of the divisions have no relation to the vertical position of the staves, if I’m right.

I mean to hide the empty staves on the page.

It can be hidden in the old version of Dorico 2. :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

The issue is: some of the empty staves can be hidden correctly, the others can not. I don’t know how the system works.