Can't hide flow header

Hello Dorico users, I want to hide flow headers above the flow title. Should be easy. There’s a button in Layout Options > Page Setup > Flows, says

Flow title in header: Show / Hide

Problem is, when it’s selected to Hide, it still shows. Here’s a picture

There are no page overrides on the part. And it’s a score imported from Sibelius.
Anyone got any idea what I am doing wrong, please?

What are you trying to hide? “Violin I” or “2. Gloria”?

If it’s the instrument name you’re trying to hide, you’re out of luck - there’s no automatic option with which to do so, though of course you could delete it manually or bring in a custom page template for this page (and similar pages).

If it’s “2. Gloria” that you don’t want, use the “Show Flow Headings: Never” option, towards the top of your screenshot.

Well, I can’t see any flow title above your flow title… What I see is the player name above your flow title…

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The setting omits the Flow Title, not the running header itself. And ‘Violin I’ is not the Flow Title. .

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I’m sorry. You’re right. That will be why it hasn’t hidden.
But, as you’ve guessed, it’s the player name running header that I want to hide above flow titles.
I see that Leo says there is no way to hide it. Pity. I’ll do it manually.

Let me just quote myself:


You can either delete the text frame in the Page Template (so it changes in all layouts which use that template), or delete the text frame on that page directly (causing an override on that particular page itself).