Can't hide Ossia staff in part

In the vibraphone part there is an unmetered section for the vib, but not for the flute, so I added an ossia staff above to the part to show what the flute is doing. I want to remove the ossia after the flute solo. I’ve tried ‘edit’ remove staff and nothing happens. If I try manual staff visibility it gets rid of the vib part. There must be a way to get rid of this staff? Thanks.

Try switching to galley view and making sure signposts are shown - the start/end points of ossia staves are set using signposts.

Thanks for the reply. Here is what I’m seeing and I still can’t get results. I’ve attached a copy of the part.

fallen2VIBsilent.dorico (855.0 KB)

I’m not entirely sure why, but you can’t delete the ossia staff by selecting the bar rest in bar 78 (you don’t need to make a wider selection, just one item at the position where you want the staff to go should usually do). However, you can remove the staff based on selecting the bar rest in bar 81 and then moving the resulting -1 staff signposts back rhythmically.

Thanks Lillie, that did the trick.