can't import a DDP file created in WL 7

The help file says “WaveLab can read DDP files by choosing File > Import > Audio DDP Image…”
I can only find this import option in a montage window but when I select the folder WL finds no compatible file.
The folder contains the files in the enclosed image.
What am I missing ?
DDP folder.PNG

I have exactly the same problem but been waiting till somebody else finds it, too…
If I made ddp file with WL 7 - had same notice…



I am not aware of a problem in this area. What exactly do you do, and what message do you get?


If just pointing to the “folder” with the DDP contents
and NOT opening it, does it work then when import to Montage ?

(I have no problem here to open DDP in WL7 done with WL7 on OSX 10.6.8)

regards S-EH

Uppss. - big mistake! - I was looking in the backup folder where the DDP files were zipped.
All works fine… - sorry for the confusion :blush:

PG - in my case strange thing happened… Till now I couldnt burn anything, there was note something like "can not record from ddp" or so, dont remember exactyly, tried some time ago. Today everything was fine - I suspect some Windows updates which probably cured the problem…

cheers and thanks