Can't import Audio from Itunes? Cubasis ver1.3

Is there anyone who’s having troubles with importing audio files from Itunes Library?

Im using Ipad Cubasis version 1.3

When I try to import audio files from Itunes library, i get an error message, “audio format is not supported”.

Audio files fomats on Itunes are either mp3, m4A, and wav files, these formats should be supported.

I was able to import audio files from Itunes library, using previous version.


we know of this issue and it will be fixed in the next update. As a workaround, I can only recommend to import the files from your library using another technique, for instance iTunes File Sharing. If you have further questions let me know.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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I too have paid 35 pounds and cannot import directly from iTunes, I have tried wav and mp3 and get the same message, guys this is really disappointing.

So there is a problem with Application…

I hope it will be updated soon, I think it’s taking too long.

Thanks for your posts.