Can't import MP3 audio file into Cubase 12 - Codec or component missing?

Can anyone help me with this:
When I try to import an MP3 audio file into a project, I don’t get any errors, but a new audio track doesn’t get created and nothing shows up. Also, if I open up the media pool window, and try to import the MP3, nothing happens. Again, no messages whatsoever. I verified that if I convert the MP3 file to WAV first, it works just fine. My conclusion is that a Codec or component to do the conversion is missing from Cubase. Anybody know what I need to fix this?
Note that this problem seems to be related to Cubase 12. I had Cubase 10 previously and never had this problem.


PS, The workaround to convert to WAV first (using Audacity) works, but I use Cubase for music practice to play along with pre-recorded songs, so converting many files is somewhat time consuming and an extra step.

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Have you verified that is not a problem with other mp3 files? If you have, I would do an install of Cubase to get the component .dll (which should be at C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase 12\Components\AudioCodecs

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Aha! I can import a different MP3 file, so you’re right… it was a problem with the particular one I was trying to import. I never thought of trying another file since it played just fine in the import dialog and also using media player.
I also added some information in my profile about what OS and versions I am using.
Thanks so much for your help.