Can't import mpg files into Cubase7 for Mac

Hi all,
I’m new here and confuse… :smiley:
why I can’t import mpg (video) files into Cubase7 for mac?
It said the file is not supported…
Please help, thanks

MOV This is a QuickTime movie.
QT This is also a QuickTime movie, but it is only used on Windows systems.
MPEG-1 This is the first standard of the Moving Picture Experts Group for video and audio compression, used for making video CDs. Files of this container format can have the extensions “.mpg” or “.mpeg”.
MPEG-4 This format is based on the QuickTime movie standard, can contain various metadata for streaming, editing, local playback, and interchange of content. Its file extension is “.mp4”.

Well there is an section VIDEO in the manual, I did a search for you (you probably could not find the manual ?? :laughing: )
Above you see the supported video formats (MpG-2 isn’t a part of it) and you will need quicktime 7.1 installed!

Good luck with that and please read the manual! it’s loaded with informative information.


Hi some missing information (was on the next page)

AVI This format is a multimedia container format introduced by Microsoft.
DV This is a video format used by camcorders.

Bit there is a solution if you read up on page 679 regarding CODES (just install a good DVD player application and you should have MPG2 codecs)

Hi Mroekalea,
Thanks alot! I really appreciate it.

I see in the page 670 mpg format is supported, but I get "“Invalid or not supported file!” in import window.

What codec should I have for mpeg-1?

Hi from what I read mpg-1 is the format that is supported, for mpg-2 you can have codecs enabled through installation of dvd-player software, also you could try some codec packs like the CCCP codec pack. Otherwise I would suggest to convert the material to mp4 format, this is the most common format nowadays (I use it with video editing applications).