Can't import video & a new issue.

Not Solved after all.
When I first installed Cubase from the DVD I didn’t get this message but now, after one of the updates, I get a message telling me I should upgrade my graphics card. In addition the video engine tends to crash occasionally or stays in resident memory for an inordinate amount of time after I quit Cubase.

I currently have two dual head ATI FireGL V3350 cards installed.

Do I need to open another ticket or does anyone know if there is an easy fix for this.

After booting into safe mode I was able to install an older Vista64 driver for my cards and now I don’t get the upgrade video card message anymore.

However, now video player won’t playback video. It plays the audio track fine and shows the image thumbnails on the timeline but it won’t display the video image in the video player window. If I stop playback then change the video player settings, i.e, size, quality, resolution, etc., a frame of footage will appear in the player window but as soon as I start playback the video player window goes blank again. I’ve tried several thumbnail memory cache size settings to no avail.

Any ideas?

Bump. I really do need some assistance on this.

I have issues with the video player as well, to the effect of disabling MIDI input and causing general instability when a video is imported. It happens frequently, but intermittently. I made a support ticket and the problem couldn’t be resolved even after the tech guy saw it happen via TeamViewer. He couldn’t stop reassuring me that the dev team was going to look into it, which I guess is a sign that it’s an issue specific to me.

It’s more than likely a problem with the reliance on Quicktime for encoding and decoding, which is awful software on any platform.

I’ve written off Cubase’s video player as useless and use another DAW for scoring now. You may well end up doing the same if nobody else shares your issue.

If you’re not resigned to that possibility, send in a support ticket and see what happens. You might have something that can be solved, but you won’t know until you contact support.


I don’t know if this helps at all but, I was under the impression that recent Cubase versions had dropped support for file types other than .mov - but that’s not the case.

I avoid .mov wherever possible for a number of reasons, preferring to use .mp4. I noticed that these files drag and drop into my Cubase 6.5.1 and play / trim / cut faultlessly.

So I convert any incoming videos to .mp4 (I use Sony Vegas for this) and simply drag them in!


I use Cubase almost daily on broadcast professional projects. The video has always worked fine (at least on Windows and in the 64-bit version.)

The compressor I use is Photo-Jpeg, exported either from Premiere, Adobe Media Encoder, or Final Cut/Compressor if I’m mixing something from the Mac.

I’ve never had any problems with video.

In fact, the Studio One people still don’t have video on their 64-bit version claiming it’s because there is no 64-bit version of Quicktime. But Steinberg has figured out how to do it and it works flawlessly.

.Mp4 files work but I notice they take more cpu power to play than the Photo-Jpeg. And do make the timeline choke a bit, at least for me.

I have almost no impact on CPU with .mp4 and my system is very modest!


Thanks for the input. I’ve started a Pro Tools Certification course to get an idea what my options are. I can already tell that migrating would take some time to adjust so I hope I can avoid it. The class did an exercise with video on our laptops over the past couple of days with no problems. It got me thinking about my issues at home with my DAW. My tower with two dual head video cards not handling video well doesn’t make any sense so I guess I’ll submit a ticket,

In the meantime any other ideas are welcomed.

Kind regards.