Can't import video into Cubase

I’ve had this problem for awhile. It has led to more than a few unkind replies. No matter the number of screen captures, customer support calls, etc. Steinberg has never admitted it’s a problem on their part. If anyone has a solution I’m game. All the videos I’ve tested play fine in QT but never play in Cubase.

I’m surprised the cat avatar guy hasn’t flamed this thread.

Maybe people are getting more careful? Someone got banned this weekend.

I have Cubase Pro 8 on Windows 10 and I tried to import a mov. video but it said “QuickTime Cannot be initiallized” but I have the latest QuickTime installed and the video plays in QuickTime on its own??

Same here, I have Win 10 with Cub 8 64 bit.

Videos are running in Quick Time but no Video Engine shows up under Cubase and I get the very same error message.
Did you find a solution by now?

Same same… with Cubase 6.5 and win7 professional. And yes, the video can easily be played even in Windows Media Player, Media Center and Movie Maker