Can't import video

I have two videos taken with my iPhone, they are functionally identical. Cubase Pro 9.0.40 is happy to import one, and says “invalid file type” for the other !
I include here the information of both videos, you can see they are identical, unless I’m missing something ?!
Why is cubase refusing to import xdf.MOV ??
This is driving me crazy, please help !!


Please read through Video support in Nuendo, Cubase, WaveLab and Dorico article.

Thanks for that, although I have already read that page exhaustively. I’m using VLC to convert my iPhone videos, using the H264 codec and have tried numerous other settings but none of them work. Could someone please give me exact instructions of how to convert an iphone video so that it can be imported into Cubase ??

I just spent some time this morning importing an iphone 5s video. I finally noticed that the problem comes from the iphone’s video Frame Rate which is not compatible with Cubase/Nuendo.
I used an open source software to convert my video with a frame rate of 25fps. Then importing it into Nuendo didn’t cause any problems.
The conversion software I used is HandBrake. It runs on Mac and Wndows.

I hope it will help some people.
Have a nice day.