Can't import video.

I’m trying to import a video to use for some composition, and when I try to import it in C6, I get the following message in the video import dialogue box:

“Invalid or not supported file!”.

I have tried the following formats:

AVI: Uncompressed (UYVY (packed 4:2:2))
AVI: DVC/DV Video Compressed
AVI: Microsoft Video 1
AVI: FFmpeg/ffdshow ISO MPEG-4

All have the same issue with Cubase. Codecs for all the above are installed (GSpot confirms this), and the videos will all play in Windows via Windows Media player (and VLC).

Do I need to install Quick Time to get them working? I’ve obviously missed something, but I’ve never had this problem before with Cubase once the video was compressed with an appropriate codec. It’s doing the same on C5 on this machine and another one (neither of which I’ve ever imported video onto before).

Yes you need Quick Time.

Thanks. I’ll download it and see how it goes - can’t do it here because of their proxy/firewall.


I have the same issue, I installed Quictime but no success, all type of video doesn’t work in an import in Cubase (mpg4, avi, mov, wmv …) I can only import the audio when something seems to be run …
I don’t understand because I remind I was able to do that but since Cubase 11 version it’s seems to be calamitous for the video import …

This 10 year old topic is outdated, of course.