Can't inherit metadata, after editing files.


I have a lot of mp3 files i want to edit at the same time (fade, EQ, etc). around 1300 files.
All the files have meta-data in them, and i really want to keep it. The meta-data is different from file to file, so i can’t just make the meta data again. :frowning:

I have tried importing all my files into audio montage. After i’ve edited them all, I render them. But they dont get the Meta-data with them. only the file name.
When I render I set Metadata to “Inherit from source file”.
I know i can do this in the wave editor, but it only lets me do it with one file at a time.

So my question is: How do i edit a bunch of files at the same time in wavelab, render them all and still keep the meta-data?

I would be more concerned about the audio transcoding from decoding the original mp3 files to WAV in order to edit them in the montage, and then saving as mp3 again (I assume).

This usually results in poor audio quality.

Because of this I don’t have a direct answer to your question but wanted to mention the transcoding concern.

Apart the (proper) Jperkinski remark, I would say the montage is not really conceived for this.
Rather use the batch processor.

I would like not to transcode them from mp3 to Wav.

If I choose “inherit from source” the batch prosessor will keep the meta-data, this is correct
However, I have 1300 files.
Some need to be trimmed in the beginning, some need to be trimmed in the end.
And of course I need to keep the Meta Data.

The Audio montage has “Inherrit from source” as an option when dealing with meta-data.
But it doesn’t work. As you probably can see, it would be a lifesaver to me if it did.

Can anybody help?

The point is that WaveLab can’t edit from the mp3, it has to decode to WAV for editing (you see this happen if you load an mp3 into the montage). Then, if you render the edited result again as mp3, it’ becomes a “double mp3” or transcoded.

It’s not advised to do any audio editing to mp3 files unless you really don’t care about the sound quality at all. Therefor, I don’t think WaveLab is set up to do this at all. In fact, I can’t find any professional apps that will edit mp3 audio directly.

It may be freeware, but I sometimes use the sample-based mp3DirectCut program. It works on the encoded data and even has a rudimentary batch processor. Depending on your needs it may be what you’re looking for. Doing EQ is impossible though without de- and re-encoding.