Can't input basic notes

Please see the sample image here. I’ve tried everything. I can’t click and add a note like I usually can. I’ve tried removing the rest, changing to insert mode, etc. Something is goofy or I’m likely missing something silly. Please help, thanks!

Edit: I can change notes on a voice that is already there. But can’ t input notes on any voice that has nothing yet entered.

NEVER MIND - the issue was I had the mouse pointer selected. Which I’m not what that does, but that was the issue.

When the arrow icon is highlighted, clicking notes in with the mouse is disabled. Some users (such as I) find this a safer way to work.

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Thanks! Then I’m guessing you’re using A, B, etc. keys to enter notes?

I started with alpha entry, and then got a tiny midi controller – only 2 octaves (with octave-shift buttons, of course) but it is a huge advantage.