Can't input regular accidentals

I can’t input regular accidentals while using a custom tonality system, even though they are included in the system. Any reason why? Thank youi.

Only the Natural works…!

I can add them using the Key Signatures panel on the right of Dorico. But can’t add them using the regular key commands or the panel on the left of Dorico… Very frustrating.

I’ve just checked, while using the factory 24-EDO Equal Tempered tonality system, and the sharp and flat (and natural) shortcuts work fine here. In order to get useful help I suspect we’ll need to see your project, or at least your “Edit Tonality System” dialog.

Here you go. I created a tonality system called Stein-Zimm

There does appear to be a limitation here - the flat and sharp shortcuts work during note input but not after the note has been inputted. Try using Shift-Alt/Opt-Up and Shift-Alt/Opt-Down - these appear to work reliably here.

Why not call it a bug? :slight_smile:

Thanks anyway for your time, pianoleo.

I’m not calling it a bug because I haven’t bothered to find out whether it’s working as designed or not.

It’s actually quite hard to compose with quarter-tones as no specific keys are attributed to them. This is the 21st century, many composers use quarter-tones and so this makes it quite hard to use Dorico for writing music. I’ve been trying this software for a long time and have been a user since version 1. But every time I plan to use Dorico for my projects, I stumble upon bugs and lack of functionality, which is frustrating. Dorico is now almost 4 years old! It’s already great, and I trust the developing team. But… It’s been hard to switch from sibelius…

Well if you’re prepared to get your hands dirty, you can define whatever shortcuts you like for microtonal accidentals. See

I kind of have to defend Dorico here: there are hundreds (thousands?) of microtonal possibilities, and it’s only when you create accidentals in a tonality system that Dorico assigns unique identifiers to them. How are the developers supposed to define shortcuts for accidentals that won’t even exist for most users?

I’m just posting my experience as a composer who has been with Sibelius since version 2 and Dorico since version 1. I’ve been composing in software for almost 20 years now… It’s just feedback. Software needs to make life easier to users. That is applicable to all software and I’m genuinely providing constructive feedback.