Can't input repeat endings into slash region

Is there any news about this since 2018?
I am looking for a solution for this, Thanx

If I remember correctly, you put in your repeat ending in first, then the slash ending.

Or show the caret, position it where you want the repeat ending, then input the repeat ending with the caret still active. Goes for all sorts of notations too of course, the caret trick.

Lillie, really? This would work in the middle of a slash region? Fantastic!
I was under the impression there was no way to do slash first, repeat later…


Actually, I just tried many times, but it only worked once… :thinking:
What would be the exact sequence I need to follow in order to create a repeat structure with first & second endings in an existing slash region? I tried in SE by the way…


Hm yes you’re right, the caret doesn’t seem to work for inputting repeat endings in slash regions - I’ll make a note.

Thank you. And it would be really great as if a slash region could be handled as a normal bar, so that notes can be put in and the slashes are automatically hidden behind the notes but in the whole. Logic has a functionality like that which makes it very fast to work with it.
Best regards