Can't insert Brickwall Limiter on Stereo Output

Strange problem, can’t load Brickwall Limiter on Group or Stereo Output channel but works fine on fader channels both mono or stereo.
Using Mac Book Pro and 10.3.
Actually no Dynamics works on Group or Stereo Output. Tried to change a lot of parameters like 64 or 32 bit processing but no difference?

Solved the problem temporarily with an FX channel and Brickwall on that one routing to Output.


Very strange. Never heard that one.
As an easy workaround, use the brickwall limiter that resides within the channel strip.
Saves you an insert slot too.


I quickly tried to add Steinberg’s Brickwall Limiter to a 5.1 stem (Group) and a stereo Main Mix (Output) in my template, which both just worked without an issue. Also tried to run audio through it; also works.

Does the issue also appear in a fresh made project?

Niek/ Amsterdam.

No it doesn’t, it is only in some projects made last week in Nuendo 10.3. I still have 10,2 but same problem. Older projects work fine and this new project also but not the projects I work with at the moment.I been around all setting and preferences I could find, but no clue about why?


Hmmmmm, weird.
recently I read some posts on this forum about some old kind of plugins which made Nuendo render unreliable. Maybe one of your plugins is causing this confusion within Nuendo? You could try to see what happens if you disable your (non-Steinberg) plugins when you startup Nuendo?

Good luck.
Niek/ Amsterdam.