Can't insert Midi from Media Bay to my current project

When I doubleclick on a Midi file in Media Bay unfortunately the Midi file doesn’t get inserted to my project. Instead a dialog pops up called “Set project folder”. When I follow those steps, the midi file gets opened up in a new project. What am I doing wrong? According to the manual this should be a straightforward process.

Cubase Version? OS?

I highly doubt that a double click is the right way to do this…
Since Cubase don’t know exactly what to do with the file… Maybe drag it to the place where you want it…

Just wanted to post the same st10ss did: Simply drag the MIDI into the main project window somewhere. It either copies the loop into an existing track or creates a new one.

On the other hand the operation manual explicitly says:

Audio files, MIDI loops, and MIDI files can be inserted into the project by double-clicking them in the Results list. They will be inserted on the active track, if this matches the file type or onto a new track if no corresponding track is active. The files will be inserted at the current project cursor position.

Do you know what the following sentence means, because I can’t find this function either.

You can insert files into the project by right-clicking on them and selecting one of the “Insert into project” options from the context menu

I use Cubase 7 (and the corresponding operation manual) and Windows 7.