Can't insert Pedal markings in particular flow

I’ve got a set of songs in four flows. I’m working on the last one, which starts with X meter. There’s a blink in the measure timeline for the next system, but nothing else happens. I haven’t been able to insert pedal markings in either the unmetered or metered sections of that flow. I can insert Pedal marks in the other flows, even the first one that is also unmetered and is only flute and soprano.

Might there be something corrupted because I’ve tried too many different meter options, and ossias, to get a slightly improvisatory result?

I tried creating a simple score to duplicate the issue, and everything worked fine.

I’ve occasionally had issues with pedal lines trying to attach to the hidden lower staves of grand staff instruments. Do you have the same problem in Galley View?

If you can’t figure this out, Pam, please attach the project here (zip it up first) or email it to me (at d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de) with a link to this thread to remind me what your problem is.

I was about to send it, but instead, I applied the 2.2 update. The Pedal marks now work in the problem flow. Thank you for the offer!