can't install 121 on windows 8 x64

Just built up my new machine and everything’s great apart from one thing.

I can’t for the life of me add the CC121 in the device menu in Cubase 7.

I’ve installed the latest drivers etc and I open Cubase and go to devices, click the add button, choose CC121 but nothing happens. My CMC’s work, my euphonix work but the 121 refuses to be added. The lights are all on after it’s plugged in and the Cubase ready light is lit.



Hello Norbury Brook,

If the CMC are working fein there the USB driver is ok.
Then I guess it is a problem with the Extension.
Try to see if you can only uninstall de extension from the control panel of your computer and reinstall it.
If you open the package you should be able to find it.

Best regards,

tried again and still wont install. I can’t see the cc121 in the midi devices I Cubase midi info.

Should there be an entry for the 121 in the device manager?



I am not 100% sure and I cannot confirm it as I am on a Mac (I have asked support), the USB driver should be there, but not sure about the extension.

What I do remember is that the CC121 extension should appear in the control panel.
If you go to uninstall software it should be on the list.
Try uninstalling it from there, and then reinstall only the extension.
Also, have you tried running Cubase as administrator?

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