Can't install 6.5.5

Windows 7 64 bit

Hi guys,

Due to some problems I have with loading of several recent projects, (Cubase freezes while the mixer is being loaded) I wanted to re-install Cubase 6.5.5

I have 6 on the DVD and installed it - no problems.
I installed 6.0.7 - no problems.
With the installation of 6.5.5 the windows says: ‘No changes - Cubase 6 64bit is not installed’

… and the installation can’t be performed.

Anyone knows a solution? Thanks! :slight_smile:

You need to install 6.5.0 first, and then install 6.5.5

Here is the info in the download page:

“This download updates an existing Cubase 6.5.x installation to the current version Cubase 6.5.5!”

:smiley: thaaanks Makumbaria!

Problem solved - 6.5.5 is installed.

I’m glad to help!