Can't install 9.0.30

The installer says “Steinberg Cubase 9 is not installed”

Of course 9.0.20 is installed. I made sure I downloaded the right version twice (it’s Pro, not Artist, not Essential) and my e-licenser is the latest (also verified.)

Windows 10 - 5960X 64GB of RAM.

I sent an email to customer service two days ago: no reply (not surprised…)

Anyone can help?

Wild chance I would try - start installer as Administrator.
Rightclick and run as administrator.

Tried that. And I think it does it automatically anyway.

Yes, good installers should elevate themselves.

And 9.0.20 can actually be started - then it’s really odd.

The closest to this I read about - is on Adobe forum last fall when Nvidia had some drivers that became obsolete or someting at a windows update.
Premiere could not start then - solution was to back nvidia drivers to earlier version until there were a fix in december.

So graphics drivers is what I would look at.

And you have run a maintenance on the eLicenser started as admin ?


And Cubase was not started when you tried to update ?
Sorry just trying to come up with any scenario, newer had this happen myself.
Cubase is installed in it’s default path ? No symbolic links ?

No, Cubase was not started. It’s installed in its default folder. Nothing out of the ordinary. Updates until now went totally smooth.

Is your C 9.0.20 an ‘unmodified’, standard installation?
I ask, because I usually rename the video, and other, .dll files (I don’t work on any video) in C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase 9\Components folder which causes update installers to fail.


See if C9 will allow you to run a repair from Windows Programs and Features.

If nothing else is working you may just need to reinstall from a full installer in your MySteinberg.

OK, this is seriously weird. I opened control panel > programs and Cubase isn’t there. But the program is definitely installed and it works every time. Corrupt registry editor maybe?

Probably a W10 update wiped it’s association somehow…re-install from full installer.

I’ll wait for customer service to respond. Then I’ll try that. But now it’s been four days. Really awful, they should be ashamed of themselves.

Don’t bother waiting. Just do the reinstall.

What about settings? I’m afraid of losing everything.

Well the only thing you will lose is ‘preferences, templates and basic setup stuff.’ Much less a loss if the software actually works right?

Use the profile manager and export your settings