Can't install activation code on USB eLicencer

I have installed Dorico on my Mac Book Air and activated the code. Now I will install it on my production Mac Book Pro and will copy the code to the USB license (not happy with that). This is the error:

The activation code has been used already. An activation code can be used only once to download or upgrade a license.

Please contact your software vendor to get a valid activation code.

How can I de-activate it on the MacBook Air?

You plug the USB key into the Macbook Air and transfer the license to the USB key using the Elicenser Control Center. Then, the license will be portable, and you can plug it into any Mac or PC with a Dorico installation to run the software.

Thank you!

It is not possible to deactivate and activate software license only on the Mac Book Pro? I hate dongles :slight_smile:

SB licences don’t work like that. There is some pretty extensive conversation about it here in the forum.

No, once it’s on the dongle, it stays on the dongle.


There might be hope for more flexibility in this regard, though, check out Daniel’s post about it.

I’ve got this error when inserting the USB elicenser:

Connection to protection device lost

I’ve to try to update the software, but nothing worked.

Try quitting all your other applications, plug in your USB-eLicenser, then run the eLicenser Control Center again.

It doesn’t work Daniel

Oh, that’s unfortunate. Is there any news on allowing the license to be transferred back off the dongle?

It’s planned, but it’s not yet implemented. We had hoped it would be complete by the time Dorico was available for launch, but unfortunately it has not yet been possible for the eLicenser team to implement it. It remains in their plans, though, so I expect it will be done soon.