Can't install Cubase 12 Pro

I have purchased an upgrade from Cubase 12 Artist to Cubase 12 Pro.
After I enter the Download Access Code it tells me to find the new product in the “My product downloads” category. It does show there but it doesn’t reflect the Cubase Pro Application. When I re-install, it re-installs Cubase 12 Artist. It also doesn’t give the Activation Code needed for the eLicenser Control Center. Anyone know how to get this working ?


Cubase Artist and Cubase Pro is sharing the same executable application. So you don’t have to reinstall it at all. Just start the very same application. If you have Cubase Pro license, Cubase Pro will start.

It opens Cubase 12 Artist.


How does it look like in the Steinberg Activation Manager, please?

Ok thanks, it’s working. However for some reason the eLicenser Control Center still displays an old license. How do I get the new Licence onto the USB ?


Cubase 12 is not using eLCC at all. So my expectation is, you can see Cubase Artist 11 Not upgradable license at your USB-eLicenser. What was the last license you had before (any) Cubase 12 and the one you updated from to Cubase 12.

Yes it was 11 and reflects 11 in the eLicenser. Thanks for clarifying.