Can't install cubase elements trial version 64bit

Hi everyone,
I’ve downloaded the trial version of Cubase Elements 7 and tried to install it on my Win7 ultimate 64bit DAW (not connected to internet) but as soon as I click on start_center or setup application I get the message: “C:\users.…\xtras._FileIo.x32 is either not designed to run on Windows or it contains an error…”. Clicking on “quit” the installation stops; on “ignore” the next 10 or so messages pop up saying the same thing about another file that ends with “.x32”.
Next: I tried to install the application manually choosing the 64bit version and all the additional content, including the eLicenser. When I start the program it asks me the activation code.
What followed after hours of reading and searching: I went to Steinbergs’ web page, signed in, installed the eLicenser on my other Pc connected to the web, inserted the code from the elicenser into the MySteinberg account but couldn’t find any information concerning any activation code. I’m not able to install and try this software…can anyone please help me out of this very frustrating situation?
Thanks for any help!
p.s. on the trial download page you can read that no code is necessary…just install and that’s it?!? :cry: