Can't install demo

Hi All -

I’m very interested in Cubase, but the hassle of even installing the demo is unbelievable. After downloading the download manager, installing the full version of Cubase Artist, everything completes OK, but when I click on the app to start it up, it says no license found. No instructions, no links, nothing. I realise the Steinberg people don’t want people ripping off their program, but when even the demo ends up being a security nightmare, it does little to inspire faith in the software or the publisher. Anybody have any ideas other than sitting through another 20 minutes of downloading/installing?

Hi and welcome,

First you have to ask for the Trial license here (btw, you can get either Cubase Pro Trial or Cubase Elements Trial license, Cubase Artist Trial is not available). Be aware, you need USB-eLicenser for Cubase Pro Trial, same as Cubase Artist (retail version).