Can't install Dorico 4 - I'm completely confused

I was using the USB-Licenser with Dorico 3.5, and tried to upgrade to Dorico 4 with the Soft-E-Licenser. The E-Licenser said the license can be now used, but it actually did nothing, it’s still listed as the 3.5 Version.
How can I transition to the new licensing system? Do I really have wasted the 100€ to recognize I need to buy the full 500€ thing to use Dorico 4 on the soft-E-Licenser? I am completely confused and happy for any help clarifying. I’m sure not to be the only user that used Dorico 3.5 on the USB-Licenser

Dorico 4 is the first product to use the new Steinberg Licensing system, which means that your Dorico 4 license doesn’t appear in eLicenser Control Center, but rather in Steinberg Activation Manager, a new application you will find installed on your computer.

Run Steinberg Activation Manager: do you see a Dorico Pro 4 license listed there?

Run eLicenser Control Center: does your Dorico Pro 3.5 license now have the words (Not Upgradeable) after it?

If both of those things are true, you’ve successfully updated to Dorico 4, and you should now simply be able to start Dorico 4 and use it.

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Thanks Daniel for the ultra quick reply, that did the trick :slight_smile:

Steinberg was wise to let Dorico transition first to the new licensing system; their unparalleled support structure was likely the best team available to support the transition and help work out the kinks in the process.

@dspreadbury , you and your team (especially @Ulf, @Jonas_Baumbach , @Lillie_Harris and @Richard_Lanyon , but others as well) are positively saints to give up so much of your time to make this launch go as smoothly as possible.