Can't install Dorico Elements 4

I installed Dorico SE 4, liked it so I bought the upgrade to Dorico Elements. Steinberg download assisant sees my upgrade as does the stienberg website license area. But can only install and reinstall the SE version. I’ve deleted the install folder, the C:\program files\steinberg\dorico folder, and reinstalled, rebooted, nothing works.

any ideas?

I’ve submitted a support ticket but they won’t see it until Monday.

thanks in advance.

Then you have a license issue. Because the Dorico installer just installs one binary for all derivates, i.e. SE, Elements and Pro. It is then the license which decides as to what derivate the program will start up to.
Are you sure that you have entered the update activation code? If you start the Steinberg Activation Manager, what does it say, what license does it show?

In addition to what Ulf says, make sure you are running version 1.2.10 of Steinberg Activation Manager as previous versions did have a problem when you had multiple licences for the same product.

thanks, that was it. I didn’t know the activation manager was a thing. It never showed up on my desktop, but it was installed and showed Dorico Elements 4 was “unactivated”. It only showed Cubase 12 Pro was active. Once I activated it , Dorico Elements worked without reinstalling.

thanks so much for the help!

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