Can't install Dorico SE over expired Pro trial

Hi there! I downloaded a Trial version of Dorico Pro, but life got in the way and my trial expired without me having much of an opportunity to test the program. So I thought I could at least use SE for a bit, but any attempt to install SE just takes me back to the fact that I have an expired Trial license and I should buy Pro to continue. Is there any way to get rid of the trial install?

The licence determines whether Dorico is Trial, SE, Elements, or Pro. You need to get an SE licence, and delete the trial licence from the Licence Manager.

Ah, I see! I had thought, given SE was in the download assistant, it was a freely-available version but I guess it’s a limited bundled piece of software instead. Thanks!

You can get a Dorico SE license from here:

You’ll be sent a Download Activation Code by email that you can enter into Steinberg Download Assistant (or online here), and then a Dorico SE license will appear in Steinberg Activation Manager, allowing you to activate it there.