Can't install Dorico

I searched the forum, but the reported problems here are to run after a successful installation.
I can’t install Dorico on my mac.
I asked for a trial-key and get one.
Downloading the Download-Manager and install it. ok.
After the installation of DL-Manager it will automatic start the “Steinberg Download Assistant”. The Icon appears for 1 Second in the Doc and then disappears whitout any message. Nothing done, nothing happens. It still disapears after 1 second and finish!

The library/logs/DiagnosticReports is empty

Tried several times with every the same result

uninstalled the DL-Manager, restarted the Mac and installed again. Don’t work.
newest Version of eLicenser installed (

There is a direct link to download Dorico (without Steinberg Download assistant) in the forum, it should help you

Thanks MarcLarcher. That’s exactly what I searched for.
Now I try again.

There remains only one question: Why do steinberg now distrubute Dorico whit a download-Manager? Thats for nothing and makes only additional problems.

Now I have installed. With the downloadlink all worked perfektly.
Also the update to 1.0.20.

Thanks a lot!

Actually, I used the download manager to install Dorico on day one and I must say that I did not have any problem with it…