Cant install eLicencer

I wanted try new Cubase LE 11 trial and if I will be satisfied buy it later. But the installation is absolutely hell. I work in IT but a never met software like this. I use win 10 with last updates. Installation eLicencer always freeze in the end. I tryed switch off antivirus, firewall, run in administrator mode, clean registry, download elc-installation-helper. Nothing work. After restart it seems that eLicencer is installed but cant add activation code everithing is grey. My friend bought Steinberg sound card with Cubase LE and the experience with the installation is very simillar. He gave it up and use another DAW. I don’t understand how you can sell such broken software? Really people pay for you for this ?

really? since when do you work in IT? Yesterday?

Did your machine match the requirements?

I’m sorry I’m a little upset. I have read many posts on this and other forums and I see that the problem with eLicenser is quiet common and how many times the problem is unresolved. No body cares ?

Of course I do

Is your Windows computer a member in an AD?
Did you start the installation as an administrator?

No my computer is standalone station with full admin rights

yes I did

I readed this post. The problem is same but no solution

And how does this relate to your problem?

Did you installed the e-Licenser software without the Cubase installer?

There are in points what I did

  1. register and download Steinberg Download Assistant
  2. install Steinberg Download Assistant(as Admin)
  3. Download and install Cubase LE 11
  4. Add activation code in Download Assistent-not works I didnt have eLicencer
  5. Download eLicencer and install(as Admin) - it freeze in the end
  6. restart
  7. eLicencer seems to be installed I open Download Assistant and add activation code - not working because no eLicencer found.
  8. I opening eLicencer it takes time to reading after several minutes I got same error like in the post

Download Assistant will offer a download with the eLicenser included and installs it together with the software.

What kind of activation code did you get?
Normally there is no Trial available for Cubase LE…

Sorry I mean Cubase Elements I got this number: 112DY-XPWXM…

I tryed again. You are right. eLicencer is installed with download assistant but installation freeze and download assistant cant open it. That’s why I installed it separately because I thought it wasn’t there. Anyway, the error is still the same

Same problem like this: reddit(dot)com/r/cubase/comments/fnx5aa/ive_been_stuck_on_this_part_of_the_installation/


There is no Cubase LE 11 available (yet?). Only Cubase Pro/Artist/Elements 11. The latest Cubase LE version is 10.5.


This is not an Activation Code, neither Serial Number. This is a Download Access Code. You can click in the Steinberg Download Assistant to Enter your Download Access Code, or you can do so in your MySteinberg account in the web-browser. The Activation Code will be generated. Enter the Activation Code in the eLCC application.