cant install Halion 5.1 update!

hello, have some questions!.

I bought Halion 4, then upgraded to
i think the upgrade was version 4.5.
Later on, i was able to upgrade to version
5 with grace period!.
Every things work perfect.

Now that Halion 5.1 update is out,
I did download the update, installed the
update, but as a more than just a few users, is experince problems , updating
to 5.1 ( error , Halion5_64bit packages
not be found!), Halion 5.1 is allso
complaining about similar to something
like this , “not geniune Halion5_64bit.msi packages”.

Someone said, “just copy the Halion5-64bit.msi package from Halion5 dvd”,
Which i dont have, every thing from the
updates/ upgrades from 4.5 to version 5, is fron downloads from Steinberg website!.

Do you guys think, i am entitled to an update to version 5.1 ?, considering
i dont have Halion 5 dvd.
I only have Halion 4 dvd!.



only halion 4 dvd here too… fix above didnt work for me…

It seems to me, that Steinberg need to complety rework the installer, because it just dosent work properly.

I cant imagine, re-install Halion 4, then update to 4.5 , then install 5, then update to 5.1
pew, thats to much!.

You don’t need to do all that. Just re-install (or repair) HALion 5 (no need to re-install or repair the content either, just the instrument itself). You do need the HALion 5 installer though…
Then run the 5.1 update.

Hey Jaslan,

As i am one of the upgraders too, i have put the 5.1 on hold since there are a lot of issues about initialisation.
Can you confirm it is save to do if you have done an install from sonic to full and then upgrade ?

kind regards,

I’ve give it a try.
If it dosent work, then i go back using Halion 5.
I hate when things gets to complicated.
Thank you for your anwer.

I’ll guess i have to wait for an update then… :slight_smile:
I’m on gig time now, so probably see what happens with the update.
halion 5 is superb, so let’s keep it that way

kind regards,

Sorry , bad spelling, writting on a iphone.
Thank you for your answer.