Can't Install Halion Sonic 3

Hi everyone. I bought the Absolute Collection 3 through the Halion Sonic 3 upgrade before I realized that I owned Halion Sonic 2 and not 3. So I bought Halion Sonic 3 through the Halion Sonic 2 upgrade path.

I cannot install Halion Sonic 3. Read all the posts I could find. I finally decided on removing all references to Halion Sonic 2 in Library/Application Support/Steinberg and found an article online detailing how to uninstall Halion Sonic 2.

I followed everything and I still fail right after package validation. It gives an incomplete message that looks like it’s trying to say to re-install. I can’t install anything else in the collection because it’s tied to the Halion Sonic 3 upgrade activation.

Is there something I left out or is it a bad upgrade/install pkg of Halion Sonic 3?


Exactly what license do you have on your eLicenser. Did you successfully activate and receive an Absolute 3 license?

What exactly do you mean when you say “package validation”?
Are you talking about installing, activating, or registering?

What exactly does the error message say?