Can't Install Halion Sonic & The Grand On Another Computer

Hello. I recently purchased Cubase 7 for my laptop. I successfully installed C7 on my laptop, however, I am having problems installing halion sonic and the grand se 3 on my MacBook. Last year I purchased halion sonic and the grand and installed it into my desktop pc using Cubase 6 with no problem (I installed the trial version CD’s and then later purchased the full versions via internet). I have licenses for Cubase, halion sonic, and the grand se 3 on the same key. However, I can’t install the instruments in Cubase 7 using my macbook. I see the license on my dongle key when I go to the license center but when I am using Cubase 7, I don’t see halion or the grand in the vst instruments in cubase. Do I have to reinstall halion sonic and the grand se into my macbook using the trial CD’s? I tried to go to the license center, found the license on the key for HS and The Grand, and tried entering the activation codes that I received when I purchased the full versions. However, the download into my MacBook failed. I searched the forum but didn’t see the answer to my specific problem. Please help, thank you!

Ofcourse you’ll have to install them - just like any other application. The licenses are already on your dongle and works with mac too.


I’ll give it a try, thank you.