Can't install new 8.1.10 update, "Steinberg Nuendo 8 is not installed."


Running 8.10. The update patch installer only offers option “No changes” for the “Nuendo 8.1.10 Update” part, saying Nuendo isn’t installed. What to do?

Possible cause: I have manually copied Nuendo 8 from the original install folder to an SSD and am running off there with no problems but maybe that’s causing this? The original install folder with .EXE and everything still exists however.

Reinstalling Nuendo 8 using the full installer will fix this. If you use the stock content, I would recommend allowing the installer to reinstall that too to ensure that future updates to the plugins will work.

Just dragging Programs into the “program” folder is never a good idea, especially on windows. I would recommend a clean install. You probably are missing some registry info and such.
So do a clean install of N8 and then update to 8.1.10. Before that you should delete the old version.
I don’t know where the preferences folder is located on windows machines, but you might want to back it up (at least key commands and config files).