Can't install Nuendo 8.2 on Windows 7

Tried to install Nuendo 8.2 on our Windows 7 machine. The first screen shows it extracting files to a temp folder. Once it finishes extracting I get a screen telling me the program has stopped working. I downloaded the installer again thinking it might have been corrupted. Tried installing with the new installer. Same result. Ran the same installer on a Windows 10 machine we have here and had no problems with the install.

Anyone else having this problem?

wondering if this could be msi file related


v8.2 installed fine on our Win 7 rig.

Yes, same error here. can’t install N 8.2 on my win 7 offline DAW.


Yes, the same error. When I install 8.2 on my win7-64 Nuendo is no longer working. Support told me to update Windows, after the update the problem is not solved. Nuendo 8.2 does not work.

same here. win7pro64.
get an error durring the install process saying that the installer “can’t find Nuendo8.msi”