Can't install or activate cubase 13 with Steinberg download assistant is running already

Hi there,
I wonder if anyone else has had this issue and. had it resolved. I can’t seem to find it exactly on here.

The problem is:

Whenever I try to install cubase 13 with the Steinberg download Assistant. I get a splash screen then I get the error message The installer of the Steinberg Download Assistant is running already. This instance will be ended.
There are no other instances running and I have never had cubase installed on this computer before.

  • I have restarted the computer,
  • closed all other programs and I am still getting the same problem.

To try and get around this I tried installing cubase without the assistant, it installs fine but I cannot get the activation manager to sign in, this time I get the message “please check your Internet connection and try again” but my computer is connected to the internet.
-I have tried 2 different connections,
-I don’t have a firewall or vpn.

I’m completely stumped

This is speculation, but maybe the Download Assistant is trying to update itself. Try waiting awhile after launching the Download Assistant before trying to install Cubase.

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