Can't listen to audio clip while applying process


When I apply a plugin process or a pitch shift process to an audio clip in cubase 7, I can’t listen to audio playback on hitting the preview button. All the indicators light up to show that there is audio activity… but, i can’t hear any audio to preview the changes i may apply.

for eg.

  1. Ctrl + right click on an audio clip to bring up process menu
  2. Apply Autotune evo to correct pitch from the “plugins” submenu.
  3. Apply “track pitch” and “make curve” within the autotune popup window
  4. The curve is correctly charted
  5. But, the audio won’t playback on preview so, I can’t hear the changes made by drawing the correct curve.
  6. Can’t even hear the original audio clip as it is imported into the plugin for making curve.


  1. Ctrl + right click on an audio clip to bring up process menu
  2. Apply “ping pong delay” to the audio clip from the “plugins” submenu
  3. Press preview - all output indicators light up to confirm audio output activity
  4. But, the audio won’t playback on preview.

Same story for pitchshift, reverse, etc.

Any views on what i may be doing wrong?

Insert/ Send fx work just fine… its just the process function that won’t allow me to preview the audio clip.


Your settings are incorrect - plenty of threads about this on the forumm already.

thank you … fixed it! Had to go to vst connections and route the monitor outs under the “studio” tab correctly.

Thank YOU, beanstalk40, for figuring it out and taking the time to post the solution. With some persistance in trying different search terms I might have found thinkingcap’s “plenty of threads”, but my search for “no preview process pitch shift” brought up only one relevant thread - yours. So thanks!