Can't load any audio driver - Cubase 13.0.30


I updated to Cubase 13.0.30 and it started having issues in loading any audio driver. I thought it was a problem with the Yamaha USB Driver and my Steinberg UR-44C, so I updated to the last version of the driver 3.1.7 and installed the last version of the dspMixFX UR-C software, but it didn’t solve the problem, actually made it more complex, since now there are even more audio drivers. So I tried with a plug and play interface like the MOTU M4 but still no luck. I thought it might be a corrupted project, but the same problem persist even if I create a clean pproject. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks


Are you on Mac or Windows, please?

What exactly does the Studio > Studio Setup > Audio System > ASIO Driver list show?

Hi Martin,

I’m on Mac, OS Ventura. It shows all of the available audio drivers, with the control panel button greyed out. But then when I change audio driver it still displays the same message.