Can't load Beat Agent SE into full version of Groove Agent 4


I upgraded Groove Agent SE that is included with Cubase Pro 9 to the full version of Groove Agent 4. However, when I try to load a Beat Agent SE kit, it doesn’t work. I can see all the patches in the browser, but it will not load up the kit. However, it will load using Groove Agent SE.

Acoustic Agent SE kits load fine in the full version of GA4 just not the beat agent se kits.

I hope this makes sense. I’m wondering if something got mangled during install as I would assume I would still have access to the original beat agent se content from within the full version of Groove Agent 4.

Stef Cancelli

Same here. Is there a solution?

This worked for me.
Load both Groove agent and Groove agent SE.
Load your kit in SE
Drag from the kit name area into the same area of the full version.
The kit should load in full version.
Re-save the kit from the full version.

I know it should be easier but that is a work around.