Can't load chords from chord track to midi track

Hello. I put together a chord track and extracted the chords from an audio, assigning it to an instrument. Now when I want to drag the chords to the midi track of the instrument I can’t do it, they don’t load on the midi track. Please help. Thank you

What do you mean exactly by “I can’t do it” ?
Is there a prohibition sign when you try to drop it onto the instrument track ? Or is the track locked by any chance ?

Exactly Luis, a prohibition sign appears when I try to drop the chords on the instrument track

The only reason a prohibition sign would appear is because either the Chord Track or the MIDI/Instrument Tracks are locked image.

When the tracks are unlocked I have no problem in dropping a chord into another track.

Thanks Luis, I solved the problem with the chord track!! Best regards

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where is that sign