Can't load Nuendo 5.5.5 wav export into DVD authoring tool

I used to have this same problem a few years ago with Nuendo 3 or 4 after an update. The wav export would not load into my Spruce Maestro turnkey system. As I do a lot of concert DVD’s with PCM stereo track, this is crucial. I remember that the previous case was resolved by unchecking “Insert Broadcast Wave Chunk”. This time it’s apparently not (only) that. I tried to check and uncheck literally all permutations offered for export and the problem maintains. And this is not the only application having this problem.

Luckily, I can import AIF export, but I’d really like to get to the bottom of this.

N4 had a bug in that when you bounced a file and specified wav, it would still come out as Broadcast wav. However, Exporting rather than bouncing never had this issue. Maybe it’s the same in N5?


Thats’ most likely an issue with some un-canonical WAV-headers. In earlier days I used a little shareware utility called StripWav to get rid of them.


Since many years I simply “convert” the exported WAV to (huh!) WAV using the trusty Awave Audio 10 by FMJ-Soft (it’s up to V 11 in the meantime).



Hey Tom.
This is fascinating, as I know for certain Apple’s DVDSP cannot work with 24-bit PCM files either - it will import them but they do not work properly (lockups etc) and Maestro is what DVDSP used to be until Apple ruined it.

I have no trouble at all with 5.5.5 WAV files in either Scenarist SD or DVD-Lab Pro or MEI DVD-A Creator, so it has to be something in the application - we do this sort of thing all the time too, and always, always use combinations of PCM & DTS - Dolby Digital has no place at all on music titles to my mind.
Would it be okay to send me a snippet of a file Maestro will not handle to recheck in Scenarist, DLP or MEI tools?

FWIW, using B-WAV is a very bad idea for DVD…or so I was taught.

Thanks, guys. Sorry for the delay. I totally forgot about this issue simply because AIF format would import and that was enough to get the jobs done. However, the problem with wav persists. I’ll switch to Nuendo 6 this month, so we’ll see if it has the same problem.

I tried various wav files exporeted from Nunen do 5.5.5. None of them imports into Spruce. None. If you still want me to upload a chunk, let me know where. You have my e-mail from the DVDTully List.

How large are the files in question?