Cant load old projects from 9.5 to Cub 10

I cant load projects of Cub 9.5 to C10. Not sure why not. I Trashed preferences. It just crashes without sometimes without warning. Anyone else going through this? Any way to fix this?
Cubase 64bit 2018.11.15 23.04.dmp (1.04 MB)

Yes a bunch of people are experiencing this very big issue. Can’t understand why they would let a major bug like this slip through there fingers. They don’t even acknowledge the problem. Steinberg’s customer service is a ghost.

I loaded 5 projects from Cubase 9.5 with no problems. Didn’t trash Prefs or do anything else. All good so far.

Thanks to Martin, who pointed out it may be autotune I found out It was autotune and possibly echoboy. I Have been running empty Cubase 10 project Vst plugin manager to see what plugin name it halts then crashes on. So far it’s been Autotune and echoboy. So After taking the plugins dll out, I opened a project file using both of these plugs (which were now removed) and the project opened and played back when it used to just crash without ever getting to load the project. Moving forward I Guess this is the best way to see how Crashing updates are affected by a plugin. Let me know if this helps.

I’ll try removing EchoBoy but I wouldn’t want to use a DAW that can’t handle Soundtoys plugins.

Steinberg - Creativity first -yeah for sure, except for Steinberg - money first.

By the way, also McDSP is tracked down to make Cubase crash.


Altiverb also crashes Cubase 10. Big fail…

Ok put echoboy back in and it seems fine so far. So guess the real problem was with Autotune. I dont use Altiverb but will try and see if other plugins are of any concern. Hope Steinberg will run through a list of fixes for plugins.

I’m not able to load any 9.0 projects. Not using Autotune. Doesn’t even load my barebones template.

EDIT - fun bonus - doesn’t make it as far as the project window, and doesn’t even create crash dumps for diagnosis or support. Brilliant.

Using soundtoys and Altiverb on 10 no probs here…

Echoboy (Soundtoys), Altiverb (Audioease), and Autotune (Antares) are all using iLok anti-piracy software, am I correct? Perhaps upgrading the iLok License Manager might help.

Think I’ve tracked mine down - old version of Clariphonic 1.0.0. Updated to latest version 1.1.1 and now working. Phew.

Probably for anyone with a problem plugin worth checking they’re on the latest version?

Quick question: do you all just trial and error one by one to see if a plugin is compatible?

Is there any other way? Some old sessions freeze when I open them in Cubase 10. But they sometimes did in C9.5 as well, so I can’t tell if it’s the Cubase version. The sessions open fine, but at some point they freeze up.

What I did is to create a blank project, and then load all the tracks from the problem project in big chunks via Track Import - all audio, all synths, all beats etc. My plan then was to narrow it down using the same method, but it actually imported them all fine. That told me that the problem was likely in the effects / groups (which you still can’t import), so I listed all my plugins on those tracks and just drag and dropped them into my blank project. All went smoothly until I hit the Clariphonic, which caused an instant crash.


Er… yes. Well done. It uses an iLok.

If you were thinking that was relevant, it wasn’t. Loads of other iLok plugs that worked just fine, as did Clariphonic once updated.

It clearly is relevant because the iLok is the one thing all of these reports have in common.

…except all the other iLok plugs that work fine. So not a great theory.

Just to reiterate - the only thing I did was to update the Clariphonic, didn’t touch anything else (including the iLok license manager). I’ve no idea why Cubase 10 throws up at the older version of Clariphonic while Cubase 9 was happy with it, but would be very curious to know if those with other problem plugs have tried updating to the latest version of them. We know from shadowfax that both Altiverb and Soundtoys are good for them on Windows 7.

Maybe upgrading plugins/the version of a plugin has an affect on iLok stability.

I actually have everything working. Under Cubase “Studio” tab I clicked on the vst plugin manager ‘Plug-in Information’ arrow. Then sat and watched it run through plugins… and saw Cubase will just abruptly quit without warning on the problem plugin name. Then updated elicenser, ilok to see if plugin manager and Cubase would quit on plugin name again. It didn’t… so right now all is well.

For the person who couldn’t even get past the Cubase initializing screen. Try taking out the whole Cubase vst plugin folder or renaming it and placing it outside Cubase’s vst plugin path.

Try doing the same to C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3 folder.

Then in “VST Plugin Manager” select gear icon on the open tab screen leading to

“VST 2 Plug-in Path Settings” of the folder you renamed or moved and rescan that folder.
Then if Cubase remains open select the “i” and select the arrow next to “Plug-in Information” watch it run through plugins and note what plugin name is last listed before Cubase abruptly ends.

This might be the problem plugin. Locate plugin by selecting its name in VST Manager and remove it from the folder and or hide it by checking hide box. Then continue doing the same to see if any other plugin is a problem and repeat until all troubled plugins are found. then update ilok an reinstall plugin. Hope this helps and is clear. If not my apologies…I’m trying to multitask.