Can't load older/existing project

When trying to load older/existing projects, Cubase 10 starts to load channel by channel but after a while always crashes instantly without project being loaded.



Please attach the crash dump file.

Latest .dmp file attached.
What does it say?

Cubase 64bit 2018.11.15 19.03.dmp (828 KB)

Same problem here. The program just disappears halfway through the load of a project. It does not throw an error.

This issue is why I stopped updating 9.5 past 9.5.2
I’m happy to say no such problem as yet with 10.

I have the same problem. Is there anything yet that can be done. Maybe trashing preferences or something else?
Cubase 64bit 2018.11.15 15.08.dmp (1.24 MB)

Do you guys use any McDSP plugins, that seems to cause crashes?



Please read this Steinberg Help Centre article.


Unfortunately the crashlog shows just an unspecific ntdll.

But I can see AutoTune in your plug-ins. I already have an experience from an other user, who has the same issue, and he ended up with the statement it was Autotune, who casued the crash.


Yes, the crash is in the ML4000_ML4 plug-in.

No Mcdsp but ok will checkout the autotune situation and post results.

Thanks, Martin, It was autotune and possibly echoboy. Have been running empty Cubase 10 project Vst manager to see what plugin name it crashes on. So far it’s Autotune and echoboy. Then I opened a project file using both of these plugs and the project opened and played back when it used to just crash without ever getting to load the project. Guess this is the best way to see how updates are affected by a plugin. Well thanks again.